Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peanut Butter Pickles

EtceTerra EtceTerra....

Surrounded by a breed of human beings that strive to be like other human beings.  How can you possibly grow if you’re always striving to limit yourself to someone else’s standards?  You’re the only one blocking yourself from your dreams and goals.  Only a handful of people do what inspires the fire burning inside of them.  What’s stopping you?   Etceterra Etceterra is a solution to my own abnormal standards being released.  Covering fears, dreams, comfort zones, and giving back.  
Not only am I not a writer, my videography skills would be just as impressive blindfolded.  A few years ago the creation of a blog with aimless goals and photographs was vastly unsuccessful.  Sidetracked with life and catapulted back to SES (someone else’s standards) put things that inspired me on hold.  No more procrastinating, no more distractions, no more SES.  It’s time to have some inspired creativity.  

This past week was Thanksgiving of 2012.  My contribution to a 5 star dinner party I was graciously invited to was the dessert.  Jumping into the theme of this blog, I tried creating unique deserts.  Have you ever made your own personalized desert?  I failed 5 times, ruined 2 pans, and never knew that sugar could flame up!   There were no excuses.  I experimented until I created a unique desert menu.  It called for:

Peanut Butter Frozen Pickles
Apple Oatmeal Turkey Bacon Crumble with Ice Cream
Pumpkin Seeds and Cranberry Brittle aka Thanksgiving Brittle

Before moving out to Los Angeles, a family actually trusted me to be a nanny for their children.  Ashton age 5 and Addison was 2 years old at the time.  They were both attached to a strict no sugar, no caffeine, no secular music, no fun diet.  One day they begged me for a peanut butter and pickle grilled sandwich.  The first word that came to my mind was YUK!  They both wanted one so bad, they would forfeit television for the day if they didn’t eat it all.  They knew I enjoyed a good negotiation.  Not only did they both eat their half sandwich, but they asked for more!!!

Boggled that this could possibly taste appetizing, I had to try one.  While it was different, it was addictive on many levels.  Sweet, salty, while unleashing small punches of a sour crunch.  Peanut butter pickle grilled sandwiches are now my lunchtime specialty.  

Etceterra etceterra is about striving in what’s unusual around us and held captive in our heads.  How could I make this lunchtime delight a desert?

        This blog is a gift.  A gift of expression and adventure.  I’ve realized by starting this path, my goals are still changing!  Our goals always make adjustments to environments we are roosting in.  Ask an 8 year old child what they hope to do this year.  Most likely they won’t say “buy a new car” or “stop smoking cigarettes.” 

Nothing happens unless first we dream. 
-Marigold Hotel 

Our goals change with age and conditions we are surrounded by.  Not getting ahead of ourselves lets start with this next weeks mission to Save A Life.  There are many ways surrounding you to save a life that  you may not be aware of.  Tune in to see the experience unfold.  Premiering Etceterra Etceterra's first video adventure will take place Wednesday night, December 5th.

          If you are ever inspired to suggest a goal, fear, etceterra, I’m all ears!  Up for any challenge, small or large.  Consider me a Chihuahua with a Rottweiler complex.  This weeks goal was creating my first Thanksgiving desert.  Hope you enjoyed.

Love, Inspiration, and Peanut butter pickles,

Terra Jole'